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  • Porcelain small cups
    Porcelain small cups

    Set of coffee cups in white porcelain.

    42 EUR Tax excluded
  • Raptus

    Set of two beige stonewares wheel-thrown bowls with slip.

    60 EUR Tax excluded
  • Hand-painted porcelain cups
    Hand-painted porcelain cups

    Hand-painted porcelain coffee cups.

    29 EUR Tax excluded
  • The Leaves
    The Leaves

    Wheel-thrown white stoneware salad bowl with iron oxide decoration and...

    60 EUR Tax excluded

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  • Andrea Da Tos

    Sculptor and ceramist in Venice. He is fascinated by Africa as a place source of powerful stimuli for his imagination. He works and exhibits in his studio in Venice just a few steps from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

  • Carla Lega

    Carla Lega started modelling and decorating handmade pottery in 1975, side by side with her father Leandro (already a proven ceramist, wellknown for his typical "reds”) becoming a part of Faenza's heritage thanks to her masterly deftness, but in a modern and absolutely autonomous language, brightened up by the use of the "lustro in riduzione” technique and by the constant search of new forms.

  • Carola Castagna

    Ceramic artist, living and working near Venice, Italy. I like to create heads, mostly from women, of various ethnic groups, combining sculptural technique to what I had learned in anatomy.

  • Cinzia Cingolani

    Cinzia Cingolani makes pottery since the 90s. Her work starts from a deep study of the ancient techniques and develops into the realization of contemporary design objects.

  • Luana Minchio

    For more than 15 years lands enamels and glazes enter and exit from the wolf's den, but something good always comes out.

  • Patricia Masson

    Artist and ceramist, Patricia create different collection of ceramic pieces under a poetic and delicate world. She lives in Dordogne (France).

  • Samuele Perraro

    He was born in Vicenza in 1993. Then he moved to Venice for academic purposes. Here he discovered the ceramic tradition, and he fell in love with it. He got his professional background working in ADL Ceramics in Venice, then he moved in France to extend his knowledge in the Terre Est-Ouest atelier. His research is characterized by the centrality of clay as soil, base, and origin.

  • Sara Federici

    Sara Federici was born in Florence, Italy. After years of study and practice in Chinese Calligraphy, drawing, and figurative sculpture, she decided to dedicate herself full time ‘to create with her hands’ professionally, through
    the medium of clay

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items