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  • ADLCeramics

    ADLCeramics by Daniela Levera

    Ceramist and designer, she produces with
    stoneware and porcelain, decorative and custom objects in her atelier in Venice.

  • Andrea Da Tos

    Sculptor and ceramist in Venice. He is fascinated by Africa as a source of powerful stimuli for his imagination. He works and exhibits in his studio in Venice just a few steps from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

  • Carla Lega

    Carla Lega started modelling and decorating handmade pottery in 1975, side by side with her father Leandro (already a proven ceramist, well-known for his typical "reds”). She has become a part of Faenza's heritage thanks to her masterly deftness, with her modern and absolutely autonomous language, brightened up by the use of the "lustre in a reduction firing” technique and by the constant search for new forms.

  • Carola Castagna

    Ceramic artist, living and working near Venice, Italy. Carola likes to create heads, mostly of women, from various ethnic groups, combining sculptural technique with what she has learned of anatomy.

  • Cinzia Cingolani

    Cinzia Cingolani has been making pottery since the 90s. Her work starts from a deep study of ancient techniques and develops into the realization of contemporary design objects

  • Elena Giustozzi

    Elena Giustozzi has been creating porcelain and stoneware pieces since 2011. She tries to combine her love for sculpture with a passion for jewelry, the strength of the earth with the lightness of the wearable object.

  • Kerstin Becker

    Kerstin Becker was born in Germany in 1964 and in 1982 she moved to Italy / Tuscany. 13 years ago Kerstin took a class about ceramics and from that moment she continues to improve her knowledge by attending several courses.

  • Luana Minchio

    She-wolf molds, glazes, bakes and throws, dozens and dozens of pieces, but she does not give up ... for more than 15 years dirt, crystalline and enamels come and go out of the she-wolf's den, but something good always comes out!

  • Patricia Masson

    Artist and ceramist, Patricia creates different collections of ceramic pieces in a poetic and delicate world. She lives in Dordogne (France).

Showing 1 - 9 of 11 items