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Cinzia Cingolani makes pottery since the 90s. Her work starts from a deep study of the ancient techniques and develops into the realization of contemporary design objects.

Cinzia Cingolani was born in 1965, and studied at the University of Venice and University of Urbino. She met pottery in the ancient city of Fustat (old Cairo). Back to Italy, she begun a everyday pottery work in the studio "Fustat" in Venice. Ancient techniques, shapes and colours were here reused to create contemporary and modern objects. Beside the work, she had
an intense teaching activity. Now lives and works in Marche.

Latest exhibitions: 20132014
Elementi in superficie Pesaro, Casetta Vaccaj 2014

Elementi in superficie Pesaro, Casetta Vaccaj 2014;
Tagli d’argilla, Fabriano, Galleria Rismondo 2014;
Tinte in acqua, Tinte in terra, installazioni permanenti, Tirano (SO) 2014;
Superfici, Senigallia, La via Granda 2015 In Orbem, Senigallia, Centro Cooperativo Mazziniano 2016;
Oltre l'Arcobaleno, San Lorenzello (BN) 2016 Spazio a Rendere, Senigallia, spazio Biondi

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