Craft-artists create handmade objects, and also manufacture the most suitable tools for different materials. This activity is as old as mankind itself. In an era dominated by industrial mass production the handicraft object is still perceived as a sign of naturalness and traditional culture. It identifies with its author, with his biography and where he works and lives.

The ceramics on display here are realized through sheer dexterity of the craftsman, which draws from a large pool of technical and traditions of his past. These traditions have evolved gradually from a very distant past but take on new meaning today. The earth, the water and fire come to life in ancient pottery production. Thery are vases, cups, everyday objects but the need for meaning and beauty is just as strong as that of practical use.

From low-fire to high-fire and everything in between, glazing techniques, raku, paper clay, are are examples of the infinite variety that ceramics gives us. Each craftsman and artist develops over time his favorite techniques as part of his professional artistic identity.

Tangible and intangible cultural heritage evidenced by the world of ceramics is a rich and evolving ecosytem that always gives us one more surprise. Be inspired by our selection of pottery craftsmen and artist.

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